Making profit together with Member to Member payments

Welcome to the world of 100% commission, member to member payments, deposited directly to your PayPal account!

A few weeks ago some people, just like you, did the same thing you are doing now. They read this page and considered what to do. Because of the minimal investment of time and money they choose to follow the very simple instructions. They are now much more fiscally secure. There is not a single reason why you cannot do exactly as they have done and have the same success. You have nothing to lose but ALL to win!

If you decide to join and use the included instructions and take the necessary actions, you will get a results!

This program is by no means new. The first know instance of this type of system was used in Denver, Colorado in 1935. But in the early days, it took much more time and effort, as well as spending huge amounts for stamps, envelopes and time. However, thanks to PayPal and the Internet, the cost is now practically ZILTCH! What's more, the whole process is faster, easier, and more profitable (not to mention LEGAL!) than it ever has been before! People are always surprised by the results. It takes a very short time to implement and a huge payback with only a single 1 Dollar investment!

Minimal Investment - Maximum Payouts

Most people will ignore this message because of skepticism. But I encourage you to think about it and bookmark this page. After all what do you have to lose? 1 dollar? Unlike some of extravagant claims that promise millions in as little as 3 weeks... (Ya, good luck with that!) this will cost you all of a dollar. Those millions in 3 weeks guys... Get ready to start forking out the cash (Guess who is getting the millions there!).

5 factors that make this program so successful...

• FULLY LEGAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - Simply follow the instructions exactly
• REMARKABLY FAST TRANSITION - Typically 30-90 days to see huge results
• IMMENSELY HIGH RESPONSE RATES - 25 to 30% on average

There have been many types of MLM programs come and go over the years. This is the simplest and fastest that exists and that explains why it has endured for nearly 85 years now! Just a little effort and a little patience! This system really keeps it 'short and sweet'!

Because this program is so easy to start, it costs almost nothing, it takes very little effort and the results can be seen VERY quickly this program has a VERY HIGH response rate! This particular program usually produces a response rate of 20% to 30% or even higher.

The only thing that can hold you back right now is lack of faith or lack of self-belief. All the doubts you have right now will disappear within a few days after putting this plan into practice. So do not hesitate, do something for yourself and your bank account. You have nothing to lose except for a paltry $1.

If you follow the provided instructions exactly you WILL receive cash through your PayPal account within the next 100 days.

If you don't take it seriously because you only spent 1 USD, then you wasted your time and your dollar. Your actions will determine how much money you make. You must do your part. If you do nothing, don't expect a reward.

This simple 3-step plan has the potential to change your life in a few weeks. Please do not let your uncertainty stand in the way of your success. It is so easy! This is the CHEAPEST, FASTEST and EASIEST way to make money online, hands down!

This system works around the world! It does not matter where you live or what currency you have there. You certainly do not need any special knowledge or take months to build. No special talent is required. You do not need to run a website or answer calls. The only things you need are an email address, a PayPal account in which 1 Dollar is deposited and a few minutes of effort.

Join now and pay the $1 usd to sponsors to get on thier list. Then you can enter the members area for the detailed instruction (All 3 steps!) and start getting people to pay you to get on YOUR list.
Joining the system is step one! That leaves only two simple steps to complete.

Join Now!
In the members area you will find progress meters to follow the progress of your campaign, some promotional samples and a download link for a bonus PDF you receive for joining this program.

BE PREPARED and PASSIONATE.... IT WORKS! Only the simplest bit of work is required. Within as little as a few days your PayPal account will start to fill with payments from other members. On top of all this the process can be non stop and be repeated as many times as you like over the next few days, months and even years for a steady stream of income into your Paypal account!

Great success awaits you!

Register now and get started on filling your Paypal account with member to member $1 payments!


‚ÄčAll materials contained on this page and the entire website are made available for information purposes only. All information, communications and materials you will find on this site are intended to be regarded as an informational and educational matter and not investment advice and should not be construed as a guarantee or attestation of income. You must first review the details and procedures and ensure they are well understood before you consider proceeding.

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We Eliminate Cheating... How?

This system works great to eliminate the would be 'cheaters'. A lot of the time you will find people that would just put in their email and send it on without making the payment to the first person on the list. This can happen frequently and what you end up with, of course, is a broken chain. Now it is set up so that can not happen. No emails get entered onto the list until a payment has been made. Indeed no one ever even sees any list of emails.

The only emails you will ever see is the email of the person that you are paying to go on the list of and the email of the person going onto your list! Everything else is 'behind the scenes' so to speak.

Following is projection on a payment structure.

We will be extremely conservative with this projection and assume that you only have an average response rate of 6%.


First you send your email to 100 different people, you can then expect to reach at least 6 of those who do exactly what you did. Now your email address is positioned on level #6.

Those 6 people send 100 each for the same response giving you 36 people on your list out of the 600 reached. This puts your email in #5 position.

Next round, 36 people send to 100 = 3600. At 6% response your list grows to 216 placements and your email address up another notch to Position #4

Now those 216 send their email and making the total 1296 people on the list. This moves your email to position #3.

Again the system cycles and 1296 people becomes 7776 on your list. Your email is now positioned at #2.

Here we are at the final round. Your email is top of list. Those 7776 people send out the 100 emails making your list grow to 46656 that will be sending $1 cash to your PayPal account.

Remember, this is with a response rate of only 6% with each person sending 100 emails out. This is just an EXAMPLE of how the system works and can vary wildly as you progress down the list. You can send a thousand emails if you like but the people joining may only send 2.... Or you can send only 2 but both of them and everyone following send 5000 mails! You just never know quite what the outcome will be.

When, and if, your email address reaches the number one position, you will receive money from a few thousand people within the next 30 to 90 days, just as you have sent your 1 Dollar to the then #1 position.

After level 6 we have instituted a unique 'bonus round' where you can go another level deep for $2 member to member payments! This will give amazing potential returns.

Example table of above calculations
level # people Potential
1 6 0
2 36 0
3 216 0
4 1,296 0
5 7,776 0
6 46,656 46,656
Only $2 (Details inside)
7 279,936 559,872

Remember, this example is with only a 6% response. If you end up with a 25% response you can QUADRUPLE the above potential amounts.

With the wonders of the internet and PayPal this potential can be attained in 30 to 90 days!

Invest in yourself - Set your goal

Your money - your rules.
Perhaps a Nice car?
World travel?
Pay off debt/mortgage...